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Un-apologetically...a Witch.

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Witch. A word with so much judgment and fear...yet the reality is so beautiful and natural.

"Join a coven" they said..."then you'll be a real witch"... But every coven was just a group of costume dressed souls, cloaked in black from head to toe. Staring me down in my jeans and green tank top.

And the Facebook groups? Ha!

Just as bad...if not worse.

Every post, a depressed and hurting profile pic, asking how to hex an ex.

This is not me. This is not what a witch is. This is what society wants witches to be.

But the ones who dance in the sun just as much as they dance under the moon.

The ones who wear colors vibrant and earthy and may not even own anything black.

The ones who smile and laugh while picking flowers or spending time with friends....these are the ones that are laughed at.

"Where is your Book of Shadows"? " Where is your familiar"? "Where is your collection of bones"? Well I am here to say that I will NOT slid into the images of what fear has portrayed witches as...just so you feel more comfortable about calling me a witch...and have reason for something to fear.

I am a mother.

I am a healer.

I laugh and I love.

I sing and I dance.

I wear colors that vibe with my soul!

I forget full moons and I remember half moons.

I collect flowers instead of bones.

I explore the world.

I cook and only sometimes remember my incantations.

I write down spells because I'm forgetful, not because I'm trying to show my impressive or unimpressive collection.

I'm at peace with my soul.

I follow my ancestors...not a book by Raven So and so, or Wolf something or other.

I dance to the beat of my own drum and my practice is mine and mine alone.

I radiate light, dance the grey lines, and befriend the dark...because I am whole.

I am not one or the other, I am complete.

You will see me grocery shopping with a kid grabbing everything off the shelves.

You will see me singing "Christmas" songs, even though it's Yule.

You will see me lost asking for directions at the gas station.

I am a Witch.

A naturally born woman connected to the words and actions of my ancestors, I follow a deep path in my daily crazy and normal that you would never even notice....

Why? Because I have nothing to prove to you.

I will not dress and act like a witch that you can fear.

I will dress and act like the witch I am....a witch you know....because you are her too.

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