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Tailored Spiritual Coaching with Emma Elizabeth. Journey to Transformation - Life Coach
Uniquely tailored spiritual coaching       Emma

Journey to Transformation

Unveil Your Potential & Embrace Your Evolution: Your Tailored Path to Spiritual and Personal Transformation

"This was very illuminating.

Emma gives you insights to go deep and tools to move you forward.

More effective than years of therapy."

Julie United States

Journey to Transformation: Tailored Spiritual Coaching is the perfect enhancement for you if...

You're tired of feeling stagnant in your life and/or spirituality.

You are ready to deepen your spiritual practice and heighten your soul essence.

You crave the confidence to step into your true Self and true calling.

You have dreams of great success and financial freedom.

You are ready to commit and say "YES" to transformation.


You deserve to experience a profound journey that unlocks your inner potential, brings clarity to your purpose, and fosters deep connections, empowering you to lead a life of enchantment, wonder, and magical growth.


Enchanting Extras

Emma is committed to providing you with the highest quality for the deepest journey.

Intuitive Reading

Each Journey to Transformation:
Uniquely Tailored Spiritual Coaching
package offers a range of psychic, past life, or ancestral readings for additional guidance from the 

Energy Healing

Intuitively guided energetic healing sent after each 1 on 1 spiritual coaching session together.
These sessions will be Distant Reiki and/or Emotion Code Healing.

Free Sessions

Yup! You read that right.
Enjoy a deeper transformation with additional sessions,
FREE with select packages
 Transformation: Uniquely Tailored Spiritual Coaching.

5 star reviews from briana

"I am so blessed to have met Emma in my journey. She has helped me immensely in launching my dream career! She is very knowledgeable and informative!"

Briana United States

Your Uniquely Tailored Spiritual Coaching Experience

Journey to Transformation


1 Month Package


4x 60 Min Personalized Sessions

4x Energy Healings

1x Psychic, Past Life, or Ancestral
Online Reading


Most Popular


3 Months Package


12x 60 Min Personalized Sessions

12x Energy Healings

3x Psychic, Past Life, or Ancestral
Online Reading

1x Extra Spiritual Coaching


Payment Plan Available to Members

Save over $2,000


6 Months Package


24x 60 Min Personalized Sessions

24x Energy Healings

6x Psychic, Past Life, or Ancestral
Online Reading

3x Extra Spiritual Coaching


Payment Plan Available to Members

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