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Become a Soul

Become a soul alchemist and take charge of your journey beyond the world! Explore the powerful realms of healing and expansion and confidently push yourself to the limits as you transform your life into a new story. Trust us to guide you on this transformative path with confidence and expertise.

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Soul Alchemy Retreats

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Open Portals to the Ancestors
with Chris & Emma

Get ready for an incredible 4-day retreat with Chris and Emma! They'll help guide and ground you into a portal through time and space as you connect with ancestral energies and mind bending growth. You'll experience fire walking, cold water therapy, guided meditations, past life regression, energetic healings, breathwork, and so much more! This transformative retreat is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Don't miss out on this amazing journey of self-discovery and growth!

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Retreat Memories


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Meet Your Alchemists

Chris Holmes
Fire Walking Guide & Host

Navigating through fire and ice, Chris embodies a journey steeped in profound transformation for both mind and body. As a beacon of resilience and strength, he empowers you to transcend the boundaries of mind over body, igniting a profound healing process that propels your journey forward with unstoppable momentum. Embark on this transformative odyssey alongside Chris, where limits are shattered, and the path to healing becomes an expedition of unparalleled growth and empowerment.

Emma Elizabeth LaBrie
Time Traveler & Host

Emma's journey dances through the fabric of time and space, a melody that has sung to her since childhood. With an intuitive communion with realms unseen and a natural adeptness in meditative artistry, she beckons you to rediscover the enchantment of your own timeless voyage. Through her gentle guidance, Emma illuminates the hidden pathways to your spirit guides, offering profound healing for your soul's journey and an intimate (re)connection to your spiritual gifts & guides.

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