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Chillingham Castle Ghost Hunt

Our Annual Halloween Investigation - October 2024


The most haunted castle in the UK and within the top 10 most haunted in the world, Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, England has been waiting for your visit.

Join our paranormal investigator and psychic Emma, who has been leading ghost hunts for over 2 decades, and Chris our fearless firewalking ghost magnet for a frightful night of fun.

UK's Most Haunted Castle

"Are you brave enough to slip through the walls of this haunted fortress? Chillingham Castle, nestled in Northumberland, UK, boasts a chilling reputation as the most haunted castle in the country and top 10 in the world, with tales and sightings to substantiate such chilling claims. Join us for a spine-tingling night for a ghost hunt that promises an experience you'll surely carry to your grave."


Ghostly History

Chillingham Castle, located in Northumberland near the Scottish border, is infamous for its dark history and reputation as England's most haunted castle, said to be inhabited by over 100 ghosts. Originally built as a monastery before 1246, it was later transformed into a fortified castle. King Edward I stayed here in 1298 before his battle with William "Braveheart" Wallace. 

The castle played a pivotal role in the Scottish-English conflicts, serving as a strategic checkpoint due to its location. It was frequently attacked by the Scottish, but its formidable defenses, including 10-foot thick walls, made it challenging to conquer.

Owned by the Grey and Bennet families, the castle witnessed rebellion and executions, including the infamous John Sage, known as "The Butcher of the Scots," who tortured and killed countless prisoners. The torture chamber, though sealed off from public access, contains Sage's gruesome tools.

Tragic events have left lingering spirits throughout the castle. The Pink Room harbors the friendly "Blue Boy" and the malevolent spirit of King Edward's Room, where children were mercilessly slaughtered after the war. Lady Mary Berkely still searches for her unfaithful husband, and the Chapel holds the ghost of a young girl seeking interaction.

Even after its use as a barracks during World War II, Chillingham Castle fell into disrepair until it was purchased and renovated in 1982 by Sir Humphrey Wakefield and his wife. Today, it offers holiday accommodations, but its haunted reputation remains, attracting those brave enough to stay the night.


Ready for a chilling night?

must be over 18 to book this ghost hunt

Chillingham Castle Ghost Hunt
Chillingham Castle Ghost Hunt
11 Oct 2024, 20:00
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