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The Time Traveler - Past Life Specialist
The 52-Week Spiritual Journey Masterclass       Emma

Journey to Transformation

Unveiling the Mysteries Within: A Year-Long Exploration of Self and Spirit
unique to the Academy of Magic online group.

Within the tapestry of our existence lies a journey of profound discovery and empowerment.

As we tread the 'Awakened Pathways,' we unveil the echoes of our past, embrace the magic of the present, and step into the boundless potential of our future.

Live Workshops

60 Minutes Live Zoom Workshops & Classes with Emma, Fridays @ 7pm

+ Bonus Lives Every Week!

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Inner Circle Community Group & Chats with Accountability for Empowering Success

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Guidebook & Journal

Awakened Pathways Guidebook & Journal PDF download


Powerful Guided Meditations & Past Life Regressions for Intuition, Guidance, & Healing 


Awakened Pathway: The Spiritual Journey        Emma


Your Membership Includes:

  • Academy of Magic Workshops - Fridays @ 6pm

  • Time Traveling Through Past Lives: Uncover Your Hidden Stories - Mondays @ 10am

  • Awakened Pathways Guidebook & Journal PDF

  • Inner Circle Community Group & Chats

  • Powerful Guided Meditations

  • Accountability for Empowering Success

  • Unlimited Access to all Previous Workshops from the Academy of Magic

  • *VIP Memberships include 1 on 1 Spiritual Transformation Coaching Sessions

Transformational Power Bonuses:

  • Mind Body Soul Connection Yoga Classes with Chelsea

  • Pagan Roots Ancestral Guidance and Workshops with Chris

  • 25% Discounted Sessions & Services with Emma


"I am so blessed to have met Emma in my journey. She has helped me immensely in launching my dream career! She is very knowledgeable and informative!"

Briana United States


Awaken your inner mystic, chart your course through uncharted territories, and unveil the extraordinary tapestry of your spiritual evolution. Your awakening awaits – are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Reclaiming Your Ancient Power

Journey to Transformation:
The 52-Week Spiritual Journey

Academy of Magic

Your transformational journey begins today

Academy of Magic online community has been guiding changed lives since 2021 with multiple weekly classes, workshops, readings, and more! Jump in now as we deepen our experiences in preparation for the upcoming Awakened Pathways: The 52-Week Spiritual Journey.

Quarter 1: Awakening and Foundations


Weeks 1-2: Embracing Your Transformative Journey

- Introduction to the program's objectives and structure

- Setting intentions for personal growth, success, and spiritual enhancement

- Cultivating a receptive mindset for the journey ahead

Weeks 3-4: Unveiling Your Inner Psychic

- Exploring innate psychic abilities and potential

- Enhancing psychic senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more

- Practical exercises & meditations to nurture and develop psychic awareness

Weeks 5-6: Journey Through Past Lives

- Understanding the benefits of past life regression

- Guided regression experiences for self-discovery

- Integrating past life insights into your present life

Weeks 7-8: Bridging the Physical and Spiritual Realms

- Ethical exploration of paranormal phenomena and spirit communication

- Interacting with spirits, energies, and dimensions responsibly

- Developing techniques for safe and respectful paranormal encounters

Weeks 9-10: The Wisdom of Plant Spirits

- Connecting with the energy and intelligence of plant allies

- Crafting herbal remedies and concoctions for holistic well-being

- Integrating herbal magic into daily life for enhanced vitality

Weeks 11-13: Manifesting Success and Abundance

- Unleashing the power of manifestation through intention and focus

- Aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions to manifest desired outcomes

- Designing personal manifestation rituals for continuous success

Quarter 2: Deepening Connection

Weeks 14-15: Divining Mysteries: Psychic Enhancement

- Advancing your psychic skills and abilities

- Exploring divination tools and methods

- Deepening your connection with spirit guides

Weeks 16-17: Dreamweaving and Symbolic Insights

- Exploring dream interpretation and lucid dreaming

- Utilizing dreams for guidance, insight, and manifestation

- Creating dream rituals for personal and spiritual growth

Weeks 18-20: Mythic Realms and Enigmatic Creatures

- Exploring ancient myths, legends, and their wisdom

- Delving into legendary creatures and cryptids

- Integrating mythic and enigmatic energies into your practice

Weeks 21-23: Soul's Odyssey: Advanced Past Life Journeys

- Deepening your past life exploration for greater insights

- Healing karmic patterns and unlocking latent talents

- Aligning present-life goals with past-life wisdom

Weeks 24-26: Expanding Psychic Horizons-

- Advanced techniques for psychic exploration: remote viewing, etc.

- Navigating higher states of consciousness and expanded realities

- Pushing the boundaries of psychic awareness and understanding

Quarter 3: Empowerment and Mastery

Weeks 27-28: Sacred Sites and Ley Lines
- Exploring energy vortexes and sacred sites
- Field trips and remote exploration
- Activating ley lines for personal growth

Weeks 29-31: Profound Journey's: Unveiling the Souls Tapestry
- Advanced past life regression techniques
- Exploring pivotal past life experiences
- Gaining insights into present life purpose and challenges

Weeks 32-34: Ancestral Wisdom and Lineage-

- Honoring and connecting with ancestral energies

- Uncovering ancestral wisdom and guidance for personal growth

- Ancestral healing rituals and practices for empowerment

Weeks 35-37: Elemental Enchantment and Herbal Alchemy-

- Merging elemental forces with herbal magic and alchemical practices

- Cultivating relationships with nature spirits and elementals

- Creating potent herbal elixirs and charms for holistic transformation

Weeks 38-39: Quantum Manifestation and Reality Shifting

- Applying quantum principles to enhance manifestation

- Shaping personal realities through focused intention and vibration

- Manifesting goals and desires with quantum-inspired techniques

Quarter 4: Integration and Mastery

Weeks 40-42: Rituals of Enchantment: Crafting Your Magical Path

- Designing personalized rituals for empowerment and growth

- Creating spells and rituals aligned with your goals

- Honoring the cycles of nature and your own journey

Weeks 43-45: Paranormal Wisdom and Teachings
- Studying ancient mystical teachings
- Gnostic and esoteric knowledge
- Applying timeless wisdom to modern life

Weeks 46-48: Psychic Warrior: Defense and Empowerment

- Mastering psychic protection and defense techniques

- Empowering yourself as a psychic warrior for balance and harmony

- Safeguarding against negative energies and psychic intrusion

Weeks 49-51: Ascension Through Spiritual Alchemy

- Elevating consciousness through spiritual alchemical practices

- Utilizing ascension-focused rituals, meditation, and energy work

- Preparing for the next phase of your spiritual journey​

Week 52: Mastery and Integration

- Reflecting on your transformative year-long journey

- Celebrating your mastery of the mystical arts and spiritual growth

- Integration and completion ceremony to honor your achievements


Every Week with Past Life Specialist, Emma:

  • Discover who you were in various past lives

  • Learn where past life traumas came from and how to clear them

  • Awaken ancient wisdom and gifts from past life experiences

  • Reconnect with soulmates and soul connections

  • Explore how your past and present can alter your future

Time Travel to Your Past Lives


Working with Emma has been incredibly powerful. All of the sessions I've done have left me with something significant to take away. I recently did an abundance workshop and started using a tool 10 days ago and have already begun to see some massive financial wins!
I can't recommend her highly enough."

Chris United Kingdom

Yoga in the Garden

Move into transformation with our certified Yoga instructor, Chelsea. Bi weekly live yoga classes enhance your mind-body connection as you move into spiritual enhancement.

Mind Body Yoga

Emma Elizabeth

In the realm where magic and reality intertwine, Emma was born, a natural dancer between these mystical dimensions. Her heritage is a tapestry woven with threads of psychic women, witches, leaders, and courageous world-changers.

Throughout her life, Emma has breathed in the essence of generational wisdom, forging an intimate connection with the language of plants, the whispers of spirit realms, and the hearts of people.

For over a decade, Emma's path has been a tapestry of learning, woven through experiences with Shamans, Healers, and Coaches from diverse corners of the world. With a global canvas, she has touched the lives of countless souls, infusing them with a sense of calm and purpose as they embark on transformative spiritual journeys.


Don't wait to get started, we are live NOW!

The Academy of Magic is active RIGHT NOW and we have 1.5+ years of replay content that will blow your mind.

There is no need to wait for Awakened Pathways: The 52-Week Spiritual Journey to begin in December because we are live and active every Friday, right now!

Join Emma in the Academy of Magic as we shed those blocks, awaken abilities, and heal cycles in preparation for the start the upcoming program.

Transforming your life doesn't have to wait...join us and begin NOW!

Image by Joshua Newton

Walk this way, into the ancient practices of fire walking and arrow breaking wisdom with specialist, Chris, as he guides you through shattering mental and spiritual blocks.

Ancient Roots

Membership Prices

Abt $33 per month

Annual Membership


Unlimited Access to Academy of Magic with Emma

Weekly Live Tarot Readings

Bi Weekly Yoga

Ancient Roots


Bonus: Guided Meditation

Bonus: 25% Off 1 on 1 Services with Emma

Bonus: Group Challenges


Most Popular


Monthly Membership


Unlimited Access to Academy of Magic with Emma

Weekly Live Tarot Readings

Bi Weekly Yoga

Ancient Roots


Bonus: Guided Meditation

Bonus: 25% Off 1 on 1 Services with Emma

Bonus: Challenges


+ Spiritual Coaching Sessions


VIP Monthly Membership

Includes 1x Monthly Journey to Transformation 1 on 1 Spiritual Coaching Session

Unlimited Access to Academy of Magic with Emma

Weekly Live Tarot Readings

Bi Weekly Yoga

Ancient Roots


Bonus: Guided Meditation

Bonus: 25% Off 1 on 1 Services with Emma

Bonus: Challenges 


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