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Frequently Asked Past Life Questions & Answers

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers about past lives and reincarnation.

Who was I in my past life?

​Our energies are endless cycles going through phases and lifetimes to help us develop, shift, and evolve into the best versions we can be. Each lifetime we live, we learn new lessons through different experiences. Though you may be a man or a woman, or even an animal in a past life, your core center is always YOU. Conforming to our surroundings, locations, eras, and cultures, we develop, shift, and evolve into different versions of our core soul center.

how did i die in a past life?

How did I die in my past life?

Having a traumatic death in your past life, can create fears, phobias, and limiting beleifs in your current life. Discovering how you died in a past life, can help you find the root cause to some of those negative impacts, and allow a space for understanding, healing, and growth.

For example, one client of mine, had a crippling fear of anything around her neck. She had never been able to even wear necklaces. During a past life reading, we discovered that she was hung, and the suppressed memory of the rope around her neck, held so much trauma, that it affected her in this life as well. However, once the "reason" was brought to light, she was able to work through the healing process and remove her fear of anything around her neck. A week later I saw her, and she was wearing a beautiful crystal necklace.

Is my birthmark an indication of how I died in a past life?

It is common for people with birthmarks to have a past life connection to their death. For example, 2 birthmarks on a clients back connected with a past life where he was stabbed twice in the back. Another client has a birthmark on her inner thigh, where she was cut and bled to death, in her past life. Of course, not all deaths leave marks.

Death by sickness, old age, drowning, etc, would leave you with no birthmarks to connect with your most recent past life.

How do you heal from past life trauma?

The first step of healing, is finding the root cause. Just like when we are sick, we don't heal by medicating the symptoms, but by finding the root cause and bringing healing there. Same goes for past life trauma. Trama carries throughout our lives, if not dealt with and healed. I like to call this "soul memory". Just because a life is over, doesn't mean we have moved on correctly.

When you discover the root problem of the trauma, you are then able to bring understanding to the situation, forgiveness to anyone invovled...especially yourself for holding on to it for so long, and forward movement of healing and growth.

For example, a client felt a disconnect with his family. He felt as if he had failed them, even though he was doing everything in his power for their benefit. Through a past life reading, he discovered that he went off to battle, and upon his return, his family was slaughtered. There was so much pain in this that he had carried it into this current life, and still felt as if he failed his "new" family. Through lots of meditation, and deeper connection to the spirits of his past life family, he was able to bring forgiveness to himself and understanding of the situation. He had a ceremony where he felt he could properly say his good byes, and any other words he had held onto. By bringing healing to this past life trauma, he was able to push forward in healing his current life and family.

​How do I now if I've had a past life?

Perhaps you've heard "Old soul" or "Young soul". When someone says you have a young soul, it does not mean this is your first lifetime, but rather, a newer lifetime in this realm or on this earthly plane.

For example, my son is a young soul, but very wise. This is his first lifetime on this Earthly realm, but has had many lifetimes in other places. Our past lives exceed the time spent on Earth and are more fluid than just this "3D" dimension that we currently live in.

What did I do in my past life?

Your soul has developed many talents, hobbies, and abilities throughout your lifetimes. More often than not, we did things in our past, that we still enjoy today.

For example, I have had countless clients (women mostly, but not limited to) who have a deep love for herbs and a natural living in this lifetime. Through past life readings, they all discovered that they lived a very natural lifestyle, most of them working with herbs as medicine for their families, tribes, or villages. Some were medicine women/shamans, others were considered witches, most were healers. But this connection to mother earth and her plants, was a deep seeded connection in their past lives and carried over into their present lives.

Or maybe you have a nature gift or ability for something in this life. This could be carried knowledge from doing something in your past. Maybe blacksmithing comes naturally to you, and you needed very little practice in this lifetime, as it just flowed naturally from you. This could be because you were a blacksmith in a past life.

past life soulmate

Have I lived a past life with someone I know in this life?

Have you ever met someone you feel like you've known for lifetimes?

Yes, it is possible and even common to have a "soul connection" with someone or several people and live several or many lives together. This is often, but not limited to, lovers, partners, soulmates. Often times it is friends we feel an instant connection with, or even our children (a deeper connection than normal).

What is my soul purpose in my past life and in this life?

Our souls are on a journey, and each life that we live, is a stepping stone to reaching the highest level of that soul desire. Our past lives give us lessons, growth, experiences to help us develop into the highest versions of ourselves.

Your soul purpose in this life, is the same as your past life....grow, heal, evolve.

Sometimes, if we do not reach a "goal" in a past life, or learn a specific lesson, we will repeate those lessons and patterns, until we are able to learn and move forward with them.

How can I remember the wisdom and knowledge from a past life?

It is true that we often are made to forget our past lives. But they are not so much in our physical conscious mind, as they are in our soul DNA and soul memory, or subconscious mind. Everything you've ever experienced and learned from your past lives, is still within you. Aside from a past life reading to help reconnect you with those things, you can also meditate to reach those answers deep within you. Another way, is to ask your spirit guides to help remind you.

Let's connect with your soul path and work together as we tap into your journey and discover your past lives.

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Sarah C LaBrie

Psychic & Past Life Specialist

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