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How to Become a Goddess | A Witch's Guide

Here are 5 signs you are already on your way to Goddess Status!

  1. You are an old soul * Perhaps you feel like you were born into the wrong era * You see straight through the BS of the world around you * People often open up to you easily

  2. You are highly intuitive & empathic * You can sense what others are feeling or even thinking * You are a walking lie detector * You know when something is off or about to happen

  3. You are connected to Mother Earth * Nature is your Temple * You find healing, balance, and peace when you are connecting with nature * You recharge your spiritual batteries in nature

  4. You've known for a long time that you are different * You've been called the Black Sheep * It's been hard to find where you fit in * You stand out in a crowd (even if you don't want to)

  5. You were born magic * Gifts & abilities come easily to you * You manifest things all the time and very fast (both good and bad) * You learn new techniques quickly as if you are remembering them from past lifetimes

If you connect with some or all of these traits, you are already on your way to Goddess status!

But what is a Goddess and how is it different from a Witch? Quite honestly, they are very similar in most ways.

  • Both Goddesses and Witches can either be born into their gifts or develop them over their lifetime.

  • Both Goddesses and Witches are often old souls and have lived many magical lifetimes in this realm and others.

  • Both Goddesses and Witches are women who have stepped into their divine feminine power, despite having society, religions, and families fight against it.

The difference is that a Goddess has stepped it up a level.

A Goddess is someone who has found their unique powers and gifts and stepped fully into their own unique magic.

If you look throughout history, in every religion, in every culture, each Goddess has her own powers, her own gifts, and her own unique purposes. She stands out because she isn't just doing what all the other Goddesses are doing, she is powerful and unique in herself.

A Witch is more often someone who studies a wide range of spiritual gifts, magical practices, and divinations. In today's world, it ranges from sacred ancient pathways to fad-pleasing "baby witches". Everyone wants to be like everyone else and very few create a unique practice of their very own.

Don't get me wrong, this is CRUCIAL to the steps of becoming a Goddess.

Think of it like going to college.

You may not know what/who you want to be when you grow up so you go to college, and take classes in a variety of different topics to find what fits.

You may even find a class that you love and make great friends within then you just stay there. Never actually graduating and turning your new knowledge into something purely unique to you.

Is this bad? No, not necessarily.

If you are happy at this stage and it brings you all the fulfilment you need at this time, go for it!

But is there MORE for you? YES!

Imagine this for a moment. You're a student in college, you've become part of a sorority with amazing friends, you excel in all your classes, you take numerous topics and you enjoy them all. College is fun, full of parties, exploration of all sorts, and discovering things you love and don't love. Everyone kind of knows who they are but are all basically doing the same thing, at the moment. You blend in.

Now imagine this for a moment.

You've graduated college with a degree in law. Your new circle of friends are all on a new level. It's not about the sorority parties anymore, now it's about success and abundance. You are the best in your field and are highly sought after and paid top price for your services. Your success has created a dream life for you with your own home, dream car, and dream lifestyle. By stepping fully into your uniqueness, you have succeeded beyond anything imaginable.

This is the difference between a Witch and a Goddess.

Are you ready to step fully into Goddess status?

In the Goddess Gathering, we have created a space where your UNIQUE gifts are nurtured, awakened, and enhanced so that you can step fully into your unique power of success, abundance, and magick to create your dream life.

Discover your history of magick through monthly Past Life Regression!

Exploring deep into your very own tale to awaken the ancestors within you and activate your sleeping gifts.

Become enlightened with weekly Live Tarot Readings for personal guidance, insight, and wisdom from the spirit world.

Shift your body into balance with Full Moon & New Moon Yoga with a certified instructor to create the best mind/body connections.

Supercharge your subconscious mind with Guided Meditations to enhance your vibrations while reawakening your unique spiritual gifts.

Taste ancestral magick and medicine with our monthly Herbal Series to bring connections from Mother Earth into your family and home.

Explore 2 Guest Hosts each month, as we bring in the Goddesses of their fields to share, teach, and heighten your own journey.

And so much more, as we are constantly adding magical ways to enhance your Goddess experience!

Want to find out more?

Go to the Goddess Gathering now!

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