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Ogham | Ash Tree | Celtic Birth Tree

Ash Fraxinus


Letter: N

Birth Months: Late February - Early March

Divination: Wisdom, Knowledge, Divination

Elements: Water, Fire

Folk Names: Hoop Ash, Nuin

Deities: Gwyddion, Brigantia, Eostre, Frigg, Odin Magical Properties: Attract love & prosperity, psychic and prophetic dreams

Medicinal Properties: Mild Laxative, fever reducer, parasidic

Personality Traits: Free Thinker, Intuitive, Creative, Imaginative

Ash History & Folklore

In Celtic mythology, the Ash tree is considered the World Tree.

In Norse mythology, the Ash tree is considered to be the tree of Yggdrasil.

In Celtic legends, the god Lugh and his warriors carried spears made from the branches and wood of the Ash tree. For this reason the Ash is a sacred tree during Lughnasadh.

The Druids believe the Ash is one of 3 most sacred trees (Ash, Oak, Thorn) for their connection to the inner self and outer worlds. A symbol of connection and transitions between worlds.

5 trees stood in protection over Ireland, 3 of them were Ash. The Ash can often be found near holy wells and springs.

In the British Isles, some babies were given a spoonful of Ash sap before leaving the mothers bed for the first time, to protect against disease and sickness.

Placing Ash berries in an infants cradle was thought to protect the baby from being taken by a Changeling or mischievous Fae.

Ash Spells

Carry an Ash leaf in your pocket to bring good fortune.

Use divination with Ash to determine your life path.

Ash Medicine

A tee made from the root bark of the Ash can be used to help treat liver disease.

A tea made with the leaves of the Ash tree can be used to aid in weight loss.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog on the Ogham Celtic Birch Tree.

Thank you for taking a moment to spend with me. Please check out more of what I can offer.

~Sarah C LaBrie (Cerridwen Raineach)

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