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You're Grounded!

These words use to be a threat to me, but now they are something I strive to do daily. Ground myself (and my son).

Especially on days where the stress level is high at home, I make it an effort to get some fresh air and let the trees ground and heal our energies.

Why is grounding important?

To be honest, the reasons are endless but here are a few of my top 5 favorite reasons for grounding.

  1. It helps us bring our attention back to the present moment.

  2. It helps to calm overly active minds and overwhelming energy.

  3. It releases tension in the body (often removing headaches).

  4. It helps to re center, release anxiety, and increase focus.

  5. It creates bonding time in a busy world.

If you are a parent like me, you know that it is not always easy to drag an already irritated child outdoors in whatever extreme weather there may be. When we live in Mexico, it was always hot (38+) and swarming with mosquitos. Here in the UK, it is averaging 8 degrees, windy and rainy. But if we always just waited for the "perfect" day....we would hardly every get outdoors, and if you've ever been stuck inside with kids (or just yourself) for days on end....ANYONE would go crazy!

So we make it a habit to get outdoors everyday...even if just for an hour.

Thankfully kids have more of a sense of adventure and exploration than us adults do, still seeing the excitement in most things, picking up every cool stick, and feeling every fluffy mossy spot. It helps us even more to really settle down and take it all in.

But if you are going to the same nature spot every single day over and over again, it can get repetitive even for a child.

So how can you make it more exciting?

Games! Work on finding new ways to get even closer to nature.

My son recently got a bug collecting kit with a magnifying glass, bug identity book, and bug box....this is great until he shows you the spider he caught...up close and personal!

Our new favorite way to explore nature and learning about local plants, are with Nature Treasure Hunts!

Exploring nature, learning about nature, and a triple win!

These treasure hunt cards are fun to make at home, or you can make a check list! If you'd like to check out this specific set for the perfect stocking stuffer, here is the link.

How do you ground yourself and/or your family?

What areas of nature do you prefer to explore in?

Ask your child these questions:

What is your favorite thing about being outdoors?

What is your favorite area to explore?

Do you like walking in the rain?

What is your favorite animal or bug to find outdoors?

What is your favorite tree?

What is your favorite plant?

How many feathers do you think you can find on your next walk?

What is your favorite sound to hear outdoors?

What texture is your favorite to feel?

What things outside feel the softest?

What things outside feel the roughest?

What is your favorite color? What thing outside is that color?

What is your favorite smell?

How big of a puddle do you think you could jump over?

How tall of a tree do you think you could climb?

Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?

Keep exploring and stay grounded!

All our love

~Sarah & Ayden (7)

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