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How to Rewrite Your Life - Part 1

Rewriting your life, is a powerful tool to rediscovering YOUR true goals, creating a plan, and walking your dream path.

When we paint a clear picture of what it is we really want, it helps to give us the direction we need to move forward.

So many times in my life, I caught myself planning my life around someone else's goals, and not even relealizing it.

So with these simple yet powerful tools, I want to help show you, how to rewrite your life.

Step 1.

Buy a journal. (I have specific journals for specific projects)

I like to also buy a "special" pen that feels magic to me and something I think fits my personality.

Step 2.

Get REAL with yourself.

Are you living someone else's path?

Are you a cheerleader for someone else's dreams and goals?

This can take some serious introspection...maybe even a few glasses of wine and a night filled with tears. However your process is...there is no wrong way to look inside and find your truth!

Step 3.

Start with simple.

If money, location, transportation, etc was not an issue....what are some things you love the most?

For example;

I feel the most whole within a forest.

I feel the most freedom when I travel.

I feel the happiest among all four seasons.

My favorite vehicle is a Honda CRV

Step 4.


For example;

I feel the most whole within a forest -

Being out in nature makes me feel the most at peace. Around tall trees of colder weather climates. Like pines, maples, oaks. Also mountains and mountain ranges bring me happiness and a feeling of connection to ancient mother earth.

I feel the most freedom when I travel -

Taking my son around the world has given me so much joy. Id love to continue my adventures.

Place I'd still like to visit: Germany, Romania, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland (again), Scotland (again).

I feel the happiest among all four seasons -

I love the cycles of the Earth. So connecting with them every year through the seasons of nature, would make me feel the most powerful within my own magic, as I connect the deepest with these cycles.

My favorite vehicle is a Honda CRV-

I love this vehicle because it makes me feel safe, while also giving us amazing distance for road trips, and low gas/petrol bills for extended travel and freedom of movement.

Step 5.


How are your goals, aligned with your current life path?

Are they already in your life?

Are they within a close grasp?

Are they a distant dream?

Be as real with yourself as you can! Additional steps will be in the next upcoming blog post. But for now, it's important to not rush the process (which I why Im seperating this into parts).

Practice this until you feel you are being raw and honest with yourself!

Much Love

~Sarah C LaBrie

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