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The Golden Dawn - A Book Review

Imagine magic information so sacred that it was kept from the publics knowledge for hundreds of years, shared only within secret societies.

This book is a masterful collection of that once secret and still very sacred information on magic, alchemy, ritual, ceremony, and more.

This book is not one that you can just pick up and read through in a few months. This is a lifetime of knowledge, information, and magic, to learn throughout your life journey, continually coming back to study, and applying to your life for unimaginable changes and success.

You can add this book, The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie,

"The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites, And Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order" to your collection of magic by clicking the image to the right to be redirected to Amazon.

If there would be only one book to have to teach the real aspects and practices of magic, alchemy, and ritual...this would be the one!

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