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Pick a Card Free Tarot Reading - Botanical Witchery

The new Botanical Witchery cards can also be used as tarot cards! Which card are you drawn to the most right now? Pick a card then read the meaning below!





Card #1 (Left)


This card represents breaking curses, as well as summoning spirits.

Don't be afraid to ask for help during times of trouble. Sometimes the trouble is deeper connected than we can imagine and hard or impossible to deal with on our own.

If you've felt like youve been stuck in a rut or trapped in a cycle, it's time to reach out and ask for guidance and assistance.

Connect to your spirit guides, ancestors, and/or the gods through meditation or ritual and ask for guidence to walk you through any trouble that seems to keep reappearing in your life. You can and will get through this...with help.

Deities to call upon: Thor, Minerva

Card #2 (Middle)


This card represents Love, Protection, Wishes, and Healing.

You have been protecting yourself from past relationship pain. Taking time for healing has been and is crucial to your path for moving on. No matter if you are currently in a relationship or out of one, this is a time to focus on you. Healing the last bits of pain that you have been through, and patching up that beautiful soul of yours, will help a current relationship or a new coming relationship to blossom in the best of ways.

Find love within yourself. Take some YOU time.

Deities to call upon: Nymphs of Greek Lore, Venus, Attis

Card #3 (Right)


This card represents Prophetic Dreams, Love, Meditation, and Intuition.

The guides have been speaking to you. But you perhaps have not been hearing. Allow yourself time to meditate and open up for the messages coming to you. Pay extra attention to your dreams and listen closely to your intuition. Your gifts are stronger than you may be aware of. Stop second guessing yourself and listen to your gut. You are being given the answers, as long as you listen.

Meditate. Trust your intuition. Listen to your dreams.

Deities to call upon: Artemis, Diana, Vishnu, Zeus

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