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Hekate, Samhain, and the Blue Moon

2020 Blue Moon

Samhain this year is even more significant than most years, because it also happens to be the date of the second October 2020 full moon. That means we'll be kicking off the month with a spunky full moon in Aries, and wrapping it up with this very special blue moon in the earthy sign of Taurus, charging up the whole month with the illuminating energy of these powerful lunations.

A blue moon is the term used to describe the second full moon that takes place during a single calendar month, and this relatively rare occurrence is made even more exciting given that it'll light up the skies on Samhain night this year. Because this full moon moment takes place in the fixed earth sign Taurus, it'll shine its emotional spotlight onto matters of love, money, and pleasure. Use this energy to wrap up loose ends when it comes to financial dealings and also seek some closure and grounding within your romantic situations. But beware of unexpected changes of heart or sudden detours in plans, as Uranus, planet of change, is aspecting both the moon and the sun during this lunation, which adds an element of unpredictability to Samhain's lunar vibe.

Celebrated on October 31, Samhain is a marking of the death of the Sun God, and his coming rebirth at Yule when the light will begin to return. The veil between our world and the spiritual plane is thinnest during Samhain and the days leading up to it. As this time nears, energies will be heightened and you may notice signs of your departed loved ones more pronounced. Communication with these departed souls may become easier.

Honor these special times and acknowledge the small things you may see – a feather, a shiny rock, a dove or raven or hearing a special song play on the radio. These are all signs that your loved ones are near. Honor them with your time and attention.

Honoring Hekate, Queen of Witches, during this special season is a wonderful time of embracing the gifts you have received and looking deeper into your path for the future.

Hekate is a guardian of the three-way crossroads and is portrayed as bearing the keys to the underworld, joined by a three-headed dog and surrounded by lit torches. She is associated with ghosts, the dark moon and magic. Animals that are sacred to her are black cats, ravens, owls, and wolves. All of these coincide with Samhain, which makes it the perfect time to honor Hekate.

Here’s a poem you can recite to honor Hekate during this time.

Hekate, Queen of Witches, Keeper of the keys of creation, Guardian at the gates of death. Beckons me cross the threshold, Heed I her request. Through will and poison, Blood, bone and flesh, Through this veil I pass, Following my spectral quest. On this night between times, And on this broom I ride, Revealing the mysteries, Of what's been denied. Truth found once again, On this night of Samhain.

A simple ritual that you can do for Samhain this year, to honor Hekate and celebrate the rare Blue Moon is below. Blessings to you and yours.

1. Prepare yourself by physically cleaning and purifying your sacred space. Wash the dishes and sweep the floors, put things away and remove clutter.

2. Make sure your altar is assembled ahead of time. Decorate with seasonal favorites – pumpkins, ears of corn, mugwort, flowers or pomegranates. You can also place pictures of departed loved ones at the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W). Use black or orange cloth at your altar, as well as black and orange candles. Burn incense or spicy cinnamon during this time.

3. Prepare a meal to share with your ancestors. Favorites of theirs or yours are good choices. You will be offering a bit of food and drink to Hekate as well.

4. Light the candles on your altar and invite Hekate and your ancestors to join you for the meal and to offer you insight as you continue on your path. Dip some of the food or bread in the drink and offer to Hekate, placing it in an offering bowl or plate. As you quietly eat your meal, think about your future path.

5. Blow out the candles and thank your ancestors and Hekate for joining you. Release them to go on their way. Be ready for messages from Hekate in your future dreams or thoughts in days to come.

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