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1 on 1 Illumination | 4x Sessions

1 on 1 Illumination | 4x Sessions


Are you tired of feeling lost in this chaotic world? Do you yearn for clarity and a sense of purpose? Look no further, as the 1 on 1 Illumination package is here to illuminate your path towards a better future. With customized and personalized spiritual coaching & guidance, you will be empowered to create the best version of your life.


Through four (4x) transformative 60-minute One on One Illumination Zoom Calls, an experienced spiritual coach will dive into the depths of your soul to uncover the hidden gems within. Their empathetic approach will gently guide you towards self-discovery, helping you tap into your true potential and make meaningful changes in your life.


But that's not all! To enhance your journey, this package also includes four (4x) Distance Healing Sessions, valued at $444. These powerful sessions will work their magic on a spiritual level, clearing any energy blockages and facilitating your mind-body-soul balance.

Embrace the opportunity to change your life and let the 1 on 1 Illumination package be your guiding light. Your future self will thank you for this transformative experience.

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