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Spirit Guide & Ancestral Reading

Spirit Guide & Ancestral Reading



All psychic, past life, ancestral, and combo readings are done via email.

Sarah C LaBrie will contact you within 12 hours of your order for any questions you may have or other info.


Connecting to the wisdom of our ancestors can be the most potent and powerful connection we can make in our lives.

They have walked before you and lead you today, sending wisdom and guidance along your journey, if you listen.


In the cycle of many lives, we must remember who we are...not just in this life, but at our deepest soul connection...the soul that has lived this life and many before.

When you tap into ancestral knowledge, you are awakened to a special kind of awareness, and awareness and knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.

Only within you and the roots of your ancestors, will you find your life path and many other answers.


All readings are done with Psychic & Medium, Sarah C LaBrie via email. Please send a clear facial picture of yourself to after purchase, for your in-depth reading. If you have a specific question for your ancestors, please ask in the email.


I look forward to connecting with you and connecting you to your roots.



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