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Real Astral Travel Experience

Astral Traveling/Astral Projection can be a controversial topic. Some think you can actually traveling between dimensions, worlds and times, while other tend to think its nothing more than a dream.

Do you have your own intense experience? Do you want to share it? Send your astral experience to to be added to this blog!

Astral Travel/Astral Projection True Story

by Sarah C LaBrie

Since I can remember, I was able to astral travel/astral project...more so when I was younger and by more, I mean literally every night. Most of my experiences were amazing, wonderful and full of knowledge, but this one in particular took the cake with it's proof of evidence for me.

This astral travel/astral projection experience was intense for several of them being that it was my first experience that happened in an 100% awake state.

I was newly divorced and have moved with my 1 year and 3 year old children, into a small apartment of our own. It was mid-noon, time for the kids to take a nap, and a perfect time for me to clean and then sit down to meditate and breathe in the summer sunlight that was shinning through my window.

I finished some house chores then went to sit in the sun and do some breathing exercises in my bedroom.

As I sat on my bed just relaxing my body, I saw a flash of white light in front of me and my eyes were suddenly forced shut. I sat there wide awake trying to open my eyes, but it was a lost battle.

Within a second, I was standing outside, during the darkness of the night. My bare feet could feel every rock and grain of dirt under me as I stood in the center of a dirt road and a old wooden covered bridge lay just several feet ahead of me. The air was cold and I could feel each small movement of it on my bare legs and arms, as I still wore my summer tank top and shorts that I was wearing just moments ago in my warm home.

My instant thought was to my kids, who I now thought were home alone in their cribs. I was confused and lost. I began to run through the covered bridge in hopes of finding my way home.

With each step that I took through the bridge, my body became heavier and slower as if I was running through tar. Just as my toes touched the mouth of the other side, I was unable to move anymore. I placed my hands on the wooden beams at the exit of the bridge and slid down to sit in the darkness. I could feel each grain of wood, each imperfection as I slid my hands down.

Once I was sitting, several moments went by. Confusion filled my mind and I longed to get back to my kids who I were worried were in trouble, but I was now frozen in a still seated position. After several moments passed, I could hear footsteps, slowly coming down the dirt road in my direction and shortly, an elderly man came around the corner and began to walk through the bridge. He quickly spotted me and stopped walking. The look on his face went from peaceful to confused and worried.

The old man leaned forward a little and mouthed the words "Are you ok?" But I was unable to hear his voice. He looked around a moment, I assume, wondering where I came from and if I was injured. He took a couple steps closer to me and once again mouthed the words "Are you ok?" "Are you hurt?" His confusion went away and he seemed very worried for my well being, but I was still frozen and unable to move or talk.

The man took one more step closer and reached his hand out as if to help me us and suddenly I was back in my bedroom.

My eyes were clouded, my body heavy and my hands were burning. It took several moments for my vision to come back.

The sun was still shining and I could still hear the kids sleeping/snoring in the room next to mine.

I brought my attention to the burning pain in my hands and as I lifted them to my face, I was shocked with what I saw....

My hands were FULL of wooden splinters.

A quick glance around the room, it was clear, there was nothing in the house that could have done this. Was I really a world away inside a covered wooden bridge?

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