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Finding Fairies - A Real Fairy Encounter

I was about 11 years old. I ran barefoot out of our Nothern Vermont house, as I always did, and danced through our mountainside backyard down to a large pine tree my father hung a thick rope swing from.

I'll never forget the moss and pine aroma of the forest. Everything smelled alive and lush. This was always my favorite place to be, running wild and free through the endless acres of moutainside.

This particular day was warm and sunny, though I do not remember which month or season it was. Sunlight shone through the tree tops and danced down the pine branches like a spotlight illuminating my swings and spins on the rope, as if I were dancing on a stage.

I was lost in bliss until something unusual caught my eye.

Near the top of this very tall pine tree, something shimmered in the sunlight. It danced it's way down through the branches, almost mirroring the swings and spins I had been doing on the rope. I watched for several minutes entranced in the mysterious ballet as this being twirled closer and closer to me. Within perhaps 3 minutes of flying in and out of the safety of the pine branches, it finally flew right out to me. Hovering no more than a foot from my face, I clearly saw 2 long thin legs, 2 long thin arms, and wings giving off a soft white glow. We looked at each other for several seconds before it flew off dancing back into the branches of the pine.

Never for a second have I second guessed who this mysterious creature was. I've always known without the shadow of a doubt that I came face to face with a real fairy.

Over the years, this became only the first of many different experiences, however it always remained the most profound.

Many years later, University Professor John Hyatt in England documented images he beleived to be fairies. Coming across his images, I was flooded back with the memories of that little being that looked identical to the evidence of fairies below.

What do you think? Do you beleive in fairies?

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