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Get to Know Hekate – Goddess of Magic

Hekate is a complex Goddess who is known by many names. To understand her, you must go deep. She will give you great knowledge but will also expect great things of you.

Hekate is an ancient Goddess known well before the Greeks or Romans. Although the Greeks called her Hekate and the Romans called her Trivia, she was before them all. In ancient times Hekate was known as The Mother of All. In ancient times, she was seen as a Healer. The ancient rites and rituals were used to heal and cure many ailments. Witches in small villages were often thought of as healers and could provide herbs and salves that could cure diseases. Their power was given by Hekate, and as a powerful Goddess she could provide whatever was needed.

One of the symbols that is associated with Hekate is Hekate’s Wheel of the Year. You may be familiar with the Wheel of the Year showing the seasons and sabbats. Hekate’s Wheel of the Year connects with the seasons, but also with days that are special to her. As we are in the month of August, let us look at how Hekate’s Wheel of the Year celebrates the First Harvest and blessings for children.

Within the seasons or the wheel of the year, Hekate has three roles – Guardian, Guide, and Gatekeeper. During August, Hekate takes on the role of Gatekeeper on August 1, as she bestows the bounty of the land on us and allows us to enjoy the abundance. As August continues, her role as Guardian takes over as she watches over us as we head toward the changing of seasons and a time to store crops and make plans for the dark season. The middle of the month is also a special time to celebrate Hekate as Guardian of children. You can do a ritual during this time and thank her for children in your life and ask for blessings on their lives as they grow.

There are 2 kinds of rituals – devotional rituals that are energetic offerings, and magical rituals that include spells. Devotional Rituals should include both words and actions to connect with the deity and to express our gratitude.

Here is a simple devotional ritual you can do to honor Hekate for her protection for you and your family during the month of August. Please be careful to only use candles or fire in a location that is safe. (You may want to perform this one outside.)

Light a small candle or some incense in a bowl. Write on a piece of paper the things you are grateful for during this time of plenty. Pay special attention to things surrounding your children or family that you are grateful for. Once you are done, read the list out loud thanking the Goddess for her protection. When you are done, fold the paper in a small square and put in the bowl with the candle of incense to burn. This will take your thoughts and gratitude up to her.

We will continue each month to learn more about Hekate as the Wheel of the Year turns. Blessings!


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