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7 Levels of Courage for Transformation
Northumberland, UK - 20th - 23rd September 2024


Start on a journey through the seven levels of courage, each tied to a chakra, is like uncovering different layers of strength within ourselves. From the deep-rooted courage of the Physical level to the expansive, spiritual courage of the Crown, each stage offers a unique perspective on facing life's challenges.


By embracing these levels, we not only discover our own capacity for resilience and authenticity but also learn to navigate the complexities of our experiences with grace and determination. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth, where we tap into the interconnectedness of our mind, body, and spirit, empowering us to live more fully and fearlessly.

Your Experience

Day 1: Grounding and Awakening Creativity

On the first day, participants will begin their journey by focusing on grounding themselves and awakening their creative energies. The evening starts with an orientation session to introduce the retreat's goals and schedule. Following this, participants will engage in a transformative fire walk, designed to empower and instill confidence. The day will conclude with a Cacao Ceremony, fostering a sense of community and introspection, and a reflective exercise writing a letter to their inner child.

Day 2: Exploring Self and Authenticity

The second day is dedicated to exploring different facets of the self, from personal power to emotional expression and authentic communication. The morning kicks off with a "Show & Tell" session to encourage sharing and vulnerability. Activities like blindfold exercises and silent eye contact deepen the sense of trust and presence among participants. Breathwork sessions help release stored tension and enhance mindfulness.

After lunch, engaging in the "4 Square" activity and identifying the "#1 Thing" help participants clarify their priorities and values. The "Authentic Code" session delves into personal authenticity, followed by a refreshing cold water activity to invigorate the body and spirit. The evening includes dynamic and meditative practices, culminating in a serene meditation session to integrate the day's experiences.


Day 3: Elevating Awareness and Integration

The final day focuses on elevating participants' awareness and connecting with higher aspects of themselves. The morning begins with an activation meditation to open the third eye, followed by sessions on third eye health and breathing to enhance intuitive abilities. After a short break, a glass walk activity challenges participants to overcome fear and build resilience.

Writing a letter to their future self provides a reflective pause before lunch. In the afternoon, participants will experience an arrow break and a symbolic 100-step walk, representing progress and commitment to personal growth. The retreat concludes with a higher self meditation and a reintegration and sharing circle, allowing everyone to express their insights and prepare for re-entering their daily lives with renewed purpose and clarity.


What to Bring:

Comfortable clothing for movement and meditation

Warm layers for evening activities and potential weather changes

Swimwear and a towel for cold water activities

Personal journal and pen for reflection exercises

Reusable water bottle to stay hydrated

Any personal items for comfort, such as a blanket or cushion


Accommodations & food are included in this retreat.

If you have any health or dietary restrictions, please let us know.

Please contact us for more information.

Your Accommodations

The Cottages

Our cottages offer a little more space and privacy than our glamping pods which means you can cook a meal for yourselves in your own kitchen, relax in your own outdoor space later in the evening and rather than sharing our communal bathrooms, you’ll also have your own private shower room.

We have a separate designated car park for guests staying in our cottages too.

The cottages have a two-nights minimum stay. There are no children or dogs allowed, but they’re always welcome in our glamping pods.

We hope to have you stay with us soon to enjoy the stunning Northumberland countryside!

  • Double bed with deluxe bedding and towels

  • Underfloor heating

  • Patio area including tables and chairs for you to enjoy the view

  • Kitchen: Fridge, toaster, kettle, microwave and 2 ring electric hob

  • Kitchen utensils: Cutlery, plates, pans, frying pan, cooking utensils

  • Individual bathrooms

  • Designated parking space

Glamping Pod

We have 10 glamping pods in our orchard, each pod is named after a different fruit tree, and the fruit tree is planted around each pod, the fruit is there for you to enjoy when in season.

Each pod has been specially designed to be wheelchair accessible and features:

  • Lighting, Heating and Electric point (Electric included in price)

  • Fridge, kettle and microwave

  • Beds sleeping up to 5 (bedding and towels are not provided so don’t forget to bring your own)

  • Decking area

  • Fire/BBQ pit

  • Outside water tap

  • Designated parking space

  • Use of the Stable

(Please note pods don’t have any cooking utensils, cooking equipment, crockery or cutlery)

The stable has laundry facilities, a washing up area and 4 family sized bathrooms one is more accessible for guests who use wheelchairs.

All bathrooms are heated and include:

  • Shower, sink and toilet

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Image by Robert Nelson

Meet Your Alchemists

Chris Holmes
Fire Walking Guide & Host

Navigating through fire and ice, Chris embodies a journey steeped in profound transformation for both mind and body. As a beacon of resilience and strength, he empowers you to transcend the boundaries of mind over body, igniting a profound healing process that propels your journey forward with unstoppable momentum. Embark on this transformative odyssey alongside Chris, where limits are shattered, and the path to healing becomes an expedition of unparalleled growth and empowerment.

Emma Elizabeth LaBrie
Time Traveler & Host

Emma's journey dances through the fabric of time and space, a melody that has sung to her since childhood. With an intuitive communion with realms unseen and a natural adeptness in meditative artistry, she beckons you to rediscover the enchantment of your own timeless voyage. Through her gentle guidance, Emma illuminates the hidden pathways to your spirit guides, offering profound healing for your soul's journey and an intimate (re)connection to your spiritual gifts & guides.

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