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You already have all the answers you have been seeking, deep with you, locked away behind the many doorways of your past lives. 

Step into a deep journey of self discovery, healing, and growth as we peel back the many layers of who you were, are, and meant to be.

When we can step into our truest self, we step into more awareness, happiness, growth, and so much more.

Healing blocks that have held you back from past life traumas so that you may move forward in a life of success.

Connecting with our ancestral spirit guides, we connect to ancient wisdom within us. Everything you are going through...has already happened in one form or another in your very own roots. Connect with that knowledge and know that you are never alone.


Past Life Discovery

Past Life Reading by Sarah C LaBrie

 One on One Coaching for Past Life & Present Life Connections

Past Life Guided Meditation


Healing Past Life Trauma

Healing Past Life Trauma Guided Meditation

One on One Healing Session

Reiki Distance Healing Session


Ancestral Connection

Ancestral Connection Guided Meditation

One on One Ancestral Guide “Calling Forth” for Protection & Guidance

Psychic Reading + Ancestral Spirit Guide


Connecting to Ancestral Wisdom Self Paced  eCourse

Ceremonial Release of Blocks and Ancestral Connection Guided Meditation

The 3 Secrets | Ancient Wisdom & Healing

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