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Step back through time as you are guided into one of your many past lives for clarity on your life's purpose and who you meant to become.


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Choose from:

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Live

Past Life Email Reading

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Audio


Shatter subconscious blocks, release trapped emotions, and create a clean slate for moving into abundance, love, and health.

Choose from:

Emotion Code Healing​

Distance Reiki Energy Healing

Healing Through Hypnosis


Relax into powerful healing as you are guided through an awakening meditation to remember the ancient wisdom you once possessed. 

Choose from:

Awakening Guided Meditation​

Activation Guided Meditation

Ancestral Guided Meditation


These guided meditation sessions are MP3 files that will be sent to your email. Listen as often as you wish, for the deepest awakenings and activations!

Multi Dimensional 3 in 1 Package

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