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Trapped at Home? Don't be Alone!

Imagine its late autumn, the air is cool outside, the windows in the house are all open. If you have any kids, they are playing quietly or resting in peace. Your favorite coffee or tea is beside you and your favorite aromas of the season are filling the air. You are lounging in your comfy chair, getting lost in an amazing book.

This is a scene in my "dream life".

And where I may live in Mexico right now where the weather is never cool and crisp....I do still love getting lost in a good book.

Today, 16th of March 2020, there are some crazy events going on in the world with Coronavirus (COVID-19) matter if true or just a cover up for something else...people around the world are being held up in their homes, unable to leave.

So what better time than now, to bring our focus onto something more positive? Something that can escape us from reality and bring us enjoyment in the confines of our homes.

I have created a FREE facebook group "Empowering Book Club" so that we may get lost together in the beauty of pages and the adventures of reading!

We will take 4 weeks to read a book before moving on to the next. Each month we vote on topic and book, so you have a voice in what to read as well :)

Our first months book is Warrior Goddess Training which we will begin reading on Monday 23rd March 2020.

Let's unwind and destress into the pages of books :)

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