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The Power of (Spell)ing

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

How disconnected has the internet and cell phones and computers made us? 

The false belief that "wifi connection" is connecting us...couldn't be further from the truth. Sure there is some truth to it. We can connect with people easier and across the world faster then ever before...but at what cost?

Have you ever stepped back and thought....Man...when I was a kid, life was so much easier. When my parents were younger, life was so much easier for them too....

Why has it changed so much?

In the midst of "connecting" long distances, we have LOST connections with ourselves.

People struggle with life goals, accomplishments, school,  and finances. 

I'm about to blow your mind.

I'm going to make the safe assumption, that when you were younger, when your parents and grandparents were younger....

You had kept journals.

You wrote hand written love letters. 

Made lists and goals

Took hand written notes in school or work

Wrote out checks, keeping even your bank account in hand written forms.

How could writing possibly be effecting us?

In more ways than you could imagine!

The word "spell" comes from the Proto-Germanic “spellan”, meaning “to tell”. When we are SPELLING out words, not only are we creating and telling our stories....we are CASTING the spells in which those words write out.

Has your mother ever told you to be careful of what you say because "words are powerful"?

Want to get even deeper?

Did you know that when we write in cursive/long hand, we are making a DIRECT connection to our subconscious mind? 

So when you were younger and writing out your check book, and depositing money, you were telling your subconscious mind that the flow of energy in money, comes to you...and it would keep coming!

When we write, we are writing out the lives that we choose to have. Writing is a powerful energy that FLOWS in an ORGANIC vibration into our subconscious minds and back out into the Universe to flow back to us once again.

When we stop writing down our dreams and our goals...we notice our lives begin to fall apart, to feel like they have no direction.

When we stop writing out journals of things we love and experience each day...we are no longer sending that organic nature of thankfulness in to the Universe.

When we stop writing out our deposits and transactions, we stop telling the Universe that we HAVE a flow of finances that is enough to keep spending on things needed and wanted as it continues to flow back to us through deposits.

Want to see your life change DRASTICALLY???  Start writing again.

Write love letters to your families. Write journals of your goals, dreams, and joyous memories of each passing day. Write out your checkbook or keep a Mental Bank book and watch your finances increase abundantly!

Here is my short video of what the Mental Bank is....All you need is a journal and a pen.

For the longer version of how the Mental Bank works and WILL change your life, you can watch this video here.

Step back from your phone and computer this week. Grab a new or old journal or pad of paper and a pencil or pen...and begin to write. You will see changes as quickly as that first day, and as far off as only 5 days....! Isn't a change that is that easy but that powerful...worth it?

Bring back the power of writing. Bring back the power of your life.

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