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Organic Overnight Pickled Vegetables

With our gardens bursting and our farmers markets beckoning to us, this is a fun and simple way to enjoy something homemade and gut healthy. Overnight “quick” pickles are an easy and creative way to utilize fresh vegetables.

I made three jars- but was able to customize a brine that would compliment the whole batch that was even quicker! There is definitely a learning curve for brine, but you'll quickly figure out what you like.

Like I said this is so customizable so change out any spice/ herb /vegetable that you don’t like and have fun!


½ cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

¼ cup Organic Red Wine Vinegar

1 tbs. Organic Honey

1 tbs. Himalayan Salt

Red onion (fits pint size jar)

2- Small-Medium Red onion (sliced thin)

2 - minced garlic cloves (to taste)

Mixed veggies (Fit’s quart size container)

1 cup Carrots - rough cut

1 cup Cauliflower pieces.

1 cup Fresh Green Beans- shortened

1 Jalapeno - coined

Sweet Heat Thai Basil Chili Pickle(fits pint size jar)

4-5 pickling cucumber (or 1 English cucumber)

6 Fresh Thai basil leaves-to taste

1-4 Thai chili peppers to taste (any hot or sweet pepper will do)

4 cloves garlic -minced


  1. Chop up veggies in layers until you reach the top

  2. Mix brine over heat until all the honey and salt have dissolved.

  3. Pour brine over jars until liquid covers all of the veggies.

  4. Put cap on and give jars a good shake.

  5. Let sit on counter for 1 hour

  6. Relocate to the fridge.

  7. Enjoy as early as the next day and within 3 weeks.

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