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My Abduction Stories - Alien Encounters

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I stalled on writing this story for many many years because of my fear of reactions. I gave in at a few points and wrote on other blogs and even talked about my experience on an online radio show a few times. But I never really "put it out there".

Now, still terrified, I have decided to share my alien abduction experience to help broaden the minds of this world and share that we are not alone.

Here is my story.

I was about the age of 8 or 9 years old and we were living in a house deep in the mountains of Northern Vermont. From a very young age I would have these strange moments of "missing time". No matter how hard I tried, I felt as if something was erased from my mind and I could never figure out what it was or what was doing it.

Except on this particular night....things didn't go as planned.

I went to bed as usual, but this time I woke up early.

I remember waking up or coming back into consciousness feeling naked, cold, and unable to move from a flat hard surface I was now on top of.

I opened my eyes but at first everything was very blurry, as if I had been drugged, but it cleared up quickly. I could not move my body or my head but my eyes should shift enough to see my surroundings. First, looking down towards my feet, I noticed I was in a sort of circular shaped room, metallic white, and in the center was a door to a small inner room. Maybe similar to an X ray room at a hospital. To my right was a small table, a bit taller than the table I was stuck to. This small table had strange tools on it.

To my left there was a second table and a small boy about my age at the time, who was also naked and "sleeping".

Then there was eyes moved towards my feet again and 3 grey aliens walked out of the inner room. Their mouths did not move but they spoke in my head saying;

"Why is she awake"?

They surrounded me.

One on my left, one by my feet, and one of my right, they leaned over me and suddenly I was asleep again.

Strangely enough, as I was searching for images to use for this blog, this image showed up and made my stomach sink. This layout is exactly how it was.

I woke up back in my bed with a burning pain in my chest, hardly able to breath and the sting of burnt cinnamon aroma in my nose.

I sat up in bed looking down at my body and a long thin fresh scar sat directly down the center of my chest.

Screaming, I woke my mother who came rushing into my room. Panic filled her expression as she heard my story and saw my chest. She tried to calm us both down by accusing the cat...though we both knew that was not possible (It was a scar not a scratch).

Within a few days the thick fresh scar had faded to a thin hairline scar, and within a few years it was gone forever.

This was not my last experience with The Greys, but it was the only one I woke up during the abduction.

For many many many years this experience filled me with a very real and raw fear. Movies even as cute as E.T. put me in crippling terror. The experience never seemed to fade out of my memory. I could always still smell the aroma of their skin, feel the hard cold beneath me, and remember the paralyzed feeling on the table.

As I got older more experiences happened. Not just with the greys.

I began to develop a relationship of sorts with a "Tall White" that followed me around since I was a little girl. The older I got, the more we connected and the more he told me about things. He finally convinced me that the experience with the greys was nothing to fear and they were not hurting me, but helping me.

A little back story. I was born with a heart murmur and some other heart issues. I was meant to have open heart surgery as a child but my mother denied it because of her fear of a wrongful diagnosis. To meet on a good medium, she agreed to have me tested and "viewed" for several days every year. I never had any issues and by the Dr's surprise, it got better.

Could they have healed me?

Or was it for something even deeper beyond my understanding?

My Alien Abduction Experience in More Detail

The room - There were no harsh corners, the walls flowed in wave or circular shapes. It was bright white, but not painted. Like the metal itself was naturally pure white. It was so white that it seemed to radiate light from all over.

the temperate was cold. Maybe 60 degrees F.

The Table - Much colder than the room, I felt as if I was laying on a block of solid ice. It was hard, uncomfortable, and very flat.

The Grey Aliens - I could not tell how tall they were because I couldn't tell how high my table was. But their waists were over the top of the table. They were thin. Unclothed. Grey skin that smelled like burnt cinnamon. Their heads were large, hairless. Their eyes were very large, much larger than human eyes. They were deep and dark, like looking into the Universe itself. They had small mouths, but they never opened or moved them. When they spoke, I could hear their voice in my head, loud and clear.

The Boy - About 6-8 feet away from me was another long flat metal table. A young boy was naked and unconscious. He was not tied with anything....which means I was not tied either. We were made to be temporarily paralyzed.

There was a small table of tools besides him as well.

Waking Up - If you've ever woken up from a hangover, that's how I felt. Groggy, confused, heavy, but also with intense pain in my chest. The pain faded as I sat up and started to cry and move around.

The Scar - At first it was maybe 4 inches long and 1/4 in thick. Bright pink, just like a fresh new scar would look. Even though, there was never a scratch there before.

Within days, it faded to a barely visible hairline scar. Within a year or two, it had 100% vanished.

Edited to add:

I am blown away by not only the openness of people hearing my story, but also the door it has opened for others to share their own experiences with me! Thank you.

One frequent question I am getting asked, is what were some of my other experiences that I had.

So I am going to write several more of my real life alien encounter experiences.

Again thank you for everyone who has welcomed this story and felt safe in sharing their own stories with me.

Lake George, New York UFO Encounter 2007

It was late at night and I was on a date (that I'd later, very much regret lol). We took a trip from Vermont to Lake George NY. It was maybe midnight and we were laying out on the dock stargazing and looking for shooting stars.

Then in the sky to my right was a massive flash of light and from within the light, out flew a strange aircraft. It was saucer shaped and had lights spinning around the outer most curve. It flew quickly from the flash of light across the lake, towards us and then STOPPED and hovered in front of us for several seconds (though it felt like forever). Maybe 15 seconds after it hovered, it shot off to the left at crazy speed and then disappeared into another massive flash of light.

Black Mountain & Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina Alien Encounter 2018

We were living in Clearwater Florida and decided to pack the car and take a road trip up to the mountains for 10 days of camping.

My son, 4 years old at the time, and I packed a 2 person tent, blankets, pillows, and all the normal necessities of camping.

Here is a blog I wrote on how to vacation for cheap through our week long camping experience in North Carolina.

We had first stopped at a camping site, but the spots were all filled and it cost a pretty penny. I spoke with the Forest Ranger who was on site and asked her where we could go. She motioned up the mountain and said there were free camping spots along the whole way. So we drove...and we drove, and we found the most perfect open camp site, right next to a beautiful river. So we set up camp. Little did we know that we were so far from anyone else, that no one would be able to hear us scream....

It was one of those nights that the "knowing" I always had since a child that "they are coming", filled my head. It became very real to me that we were so far out in the mountain that no one would hear us scream. I had a hunting knife I slept with inside the tent and I locked the zippered door shut with a small suitcase zipper padlock. We went to sleep.

It was the night after the full moon (the super moon was my reasoning for wanting to get out in nature) so the night sky was bright in our little clearing. Something woke me up and within seconds, my stomach twisted into a knot.

I opened my eyes from a deep sleep and instantly my attention was on the thin tent wall over me. A 4 fingered human like hand was on the fabric, inches from my head. I froze and watched as the hand slowly moved back until I could no longer see the shape or shadow from it. I grabbed the knife, and held my son tight, and movement. Needless to say, the rest of the night I did not sleep.

Chiapas Mexico Strange Encounter 2020

We have lived in the Riviera Maya Mexico for a total of 6 years now. Though it's beautiful, I often get tired of the heat and ocean and need an escape into the cool mountains.

The summer of 2020 was COVID lockdown around the world, and travelling outside of Mexico was not an option. So we got to explore (my now favorite place) Chiapas, Mexico.

We drove for 16 hours from Cancun to San Cristobal, Chiapas for some Glamping in a very rustic hand built cabin high up in the cool mountains of Mexico.

Some important info to help paint the picture:

  1. I am a light sleeper. If I so much as even hear my son breath differently from the other room, I wake up. Every single noise will wake me up, no matter how loud or how quiet it is.

  2. This cabin was hand built completely from pallet wood. EVERYTHING in this house creaked. The floors, the walls, the beds, the doors...any movement created very loud creaking.

Ok continuing...

It was the 3rd night in I think and I was fast asleep. I was dreaming of a common alien dream I will often have and then I woke up like normal in the morning, thinking everything was fine and it was just a dream. However, my partner was not as relaxed. He told me that in the middle of the night he woke up feeling like he was hung over or drugged. There was a bright light outside as if someone had their car headlights pointed right at the house, and right in front of our bedroom window, was a tall figure. He said he jumped out of bed, ran through the cabin, threw open the door and looked all around outside to see who was there...but no one was there. Also...My son and I must have also "been drugged" and all his running through the creaking house, slamming doors and making noise to scare this "man" away...did not wake us up.

After hearing his story, my son soon woke up as well and proceeded to tell us of his alien dream too.

Were we all abducted? Were we just visited? Why did we all not wake up to all the noise? What did my partner see?

~Sarah C LaBrie

Have you ever had an alien experience?

I'd love to hear about it. It's time we normalize our stories and let people know that we are not alone in this very big and complex Universe.

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