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Full Moon Tarot Reading with Botanical Witchery

Ash - Strength. Wisdom. Travel. Justice. Balance.

The Ash tree is a very sacred tree in many cultures. It represents the "World Mother".

The Ash is also believed the be the tree of Yggdrasil. The tree that connects the underworld, our world, and the heavens.

Strength. These last few months have been hard. Not only with the phsyical restrictions that we have been forced under, but also with the spiritual chaos of retrogades, eclipes, and planetary alignements. Find your strength. Take time to sit back and take a deep breath. Recharge. Get outside and ground yourself. Dust out the stagnant energy of your home. Find what brings you peace, happiness, and wholeness again. This is near the end, but it is not yet over.

Wisdom. Wake up. Question what is happening. Find the wisdom is everything that is being said to you and in every situation. You already know things are "off", ask yourself what you can learn from this situation and find wisdom is moving forward.

Travel....movement. This is crucial in this next must not sit back and allow things to happen (or not happen). You must continue to push through with your own personal plans. This has been a trying time for everyone these last few months, but that time is coming to and end. Going stir crazy? Good! Get out and MOVE...push your business, push your hobbies, push your adventure...create movement in your life instead of the stagnation that is trying to be forced on you.

Justice. This needs no explanation. When you stand up for what's right...for YOUR create justice! This goes for your public life, as well as your private life.

Balance. All of the above...will create balance! Find that balance in your life once again. Push the boundries back to give you more space. Create balance in your home again as well. You've probably let a lot slide these last few weeks/months. Take time to rearrange, light some candles, open the windows, arrange some fresh cut flowers. Anything that brings you those feelings of peace and balance.

This card represents not just the physical realm but our inner and outer worlds as well. Don't just look on the outside. Look within and beyond as well.

Deities to connect with during this time;

Odin Frigg Hel Minerva Poseidon

Happy (belated) Full Moon!

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