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Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Illumination of Health

Mind. Body. Soul.


An illuminating journey of shifting your subconscious mind and blocks around health, weight loss, and stress.

Lose weight easily without diets and time consuming exercise! 

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When nothing on the outside works, it's time to look inside.

The Subconscious Healer

What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are tools used to speak to the subconscious mind and shift blocks, old patterns of thinking, traumas, etc into positive change, new patterns of thinking, and growth.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are a deep guided meditation that guides you into a relaxed state to quiet the conscious mind and allow access to the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are powerful ways to make lasting and permanent changes in your physical body, mental mindset, and spiritual self.

Everything is energy and through the use of hypnotherapy and hypnosis we can put diamond point direction towards that energy to shift it into our goals and desires.

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Things Not to Worry About

What is NOT Hypnotherapy

Stage hypnosis has given real hypnotherapy a bad image. When you see people pulled on stage as they seem to be put into a trance to start meowing like a cat or forgetting their own name, this is stage hypnosis and is NOT REAL HYPNOTHERAPY.

You will never have to worry about blacking out or becoming unconscious of your body or actions.

You will never be put into a situation that you are uncomfortable with or that would put you in harms way.

You will never be asked to do something against your wishes.

You will never be made to meow like a cat.

Your Hypnotherapy Session

What to Expect

After finding a safe, quiet, comfortable place to sit and relax, you will be gently guided into a deep form of hypnotherapy. This will feel very much like a deep guided meditation.

You will be fully alert of what is being said and guided through various forms of visualizations, breathing techniques, and deepening phases.

It is common to fall asleep in a session. If you do, that is completely ok, as your subconscious mind is still hearing the words and the work will still be effective.

If you do not fall asleep, that is also normal and ok. Allow yourself to relax and do your best to follow along with the softly guided instructions during the session.

You will never be asked to move or talk during a session, as I personally feel this keeps you from getting too deep or relaxing in an effective way.

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Hypnotherapy in Use

The scient of hypnotherapy dates back to Franz Mesmer in the 1800's. However the power of visualization has been used as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Today some of the most commonly used hypnotherapy or visualization tools are used by athletes, artists, actors, speakers, and all of the most successful people in our world.

Hypnotherapy doesn't have to always be an hour long session that you lay down for. You can be conditioned to add in little bits of information throughout your day to help you continue to reach your goals of success.

Successful athletes spend 20 minutes or more before their games, visualizing their desired outcome. Studies showed that athletes that worked out before games vs the athletes that visualized before games showed significant difference in success. The ones that visualized were much more successful in their game play and winnings.

All of the greatest successful people in our time, use meditations and hypnosis to create their future desired outcomes before they happen. Setting success in their subconscious mind as a definite outcome to their life paths. 

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is 30 times more effective for weight loss than normal diets and exercise with a 90% chance of the weight staying off over 2 years later!

Sarah C LaBrie

Meet Your Hypnosis Guide


I first discovered hypnotherapy about 15 years ago when I had started a small YouTube channel for guided meditations.

I was flooded with comments and messages about how my "hypnotherapy" was changing lives around the world.

Confused at the time, I didn't even know what hypnosis was. So I began to dig deeper. In 2010 I went to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute to learn more about what hypnotherapy was and how I could continue to use it as a tool to help better the lives of thousands around the world. 

Little did I know, I was naturally already doing it.

Today I have used hypnotherapy in my own life for various things like my own weight loss journey of losing 30+ lbs.

I am thrilled to share this powerful tool with you and watch it transform your life and help you reach your health goals.

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Illumination of Health

Save My Spot

Included in this Weight Loss Self Paced Online Course

9 Sessions

Shattering Subconscious Sabotages

Regression to Finding the Root Cause

Breaking Subconscious Blocks & Sabotages

Tapping out Self Sabotaging Cycles


Removing Restrictions

Shift Stress into Motivation

Release Anxiety & Replace Self Confidence

Affirmations for Goddess Mindset


Health Alchemy

Lose Weight & Feel Great

Increased Energy & Motivation

Tapping into Love Yourself, Your Body, & Your Health Success​


Quit Drinking Alcohol to Lose Weight

Stop Snacking to Lose Weight

Need it More Personalized?

One on One Sessions

Not feeling like a self paced online course will be enough for your personal and unique needs?

This amazing 9 session course, though powerful, may not be tailored to everyone's needs, and that's ok.

If you have read through the courses topics and feel it is not your best fit, let's chat!

I am more than happy to work one on one with you to create a 100% customized course to help you reach all your personal and unique goals.

Want more info?

Email me at

or visit the Illumination page for custom one on one sessions HERE.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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