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The Time Traveler - Past Life Specialist
The 52-Week Spiritual Journey Masterclass       Emma

Journey to Transformation

Welcome to this life changing journey!

Journey to Transformation

Guided Meditations by Emma Elizabeth LaBrie

These audios are not to be sold or shared.

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Our Story

Welcome to the transformative realm of guided meditations from the Journey to Transformation workshop! To fully embrace the profound experiences offered in these sessions, find a serene and safe space where you can dedicate your uninterrupted focus. Ensure you are in a comfortable position, not engaged in activities like driving or operating machinery, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the journey. These meditations are designed to create a deep connection with your inner self and the spiritual dimensions, fostering personal growth and insight. Prepare to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, guided by the soothing and transformative energy of these meditative practices.

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Nurturing a Receptive Mindset

Suggested guided meditation - Releasing Resistance - with Music


Past Life Regression - Bonus

Suggested guided meditation - Discover Your Past Life- with Music

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Journeying Through the Realms

Suggested guided meditation - Journey Through the Realms - with Music

White Theme Bouquet

Manifestation Meditation

Suggested guided meditation -Meditation into Manifestation - with Music

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Inner Child Healing Meditation

Listen to this as often as needed and for various life cycles and inner child ages


Shadow Healing Meditation

Listen to this as often as needed for Shadow healing

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