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Welcome Goddess!

I am beyond excited to have you here and joining this new journey of gathering Goddesses from around the world.
My dream for this online group is to create a safe, magickal, gathering of women who can support each other's journeys, enhance magick & ritual in each other's daily lives, and be a community of awakened and empowered Goddesses.

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The Great Awakening

The Goddess Awakening is happening and if you are reading this now, you have heard that call!
Maybe it was just a whisper at first, slowly growing into an unavoidable scream from within you.
This is your ancestors calling to you to wake up, step up, and power up in this magickal time as we step back into ancient wisdom, healing, and connection. 
The magick of the witch/goddess/feminine energy has been suppressed since Patriarchy began. It is now time to heal that witch wound of our many great grandmothers and create a healed and powerful new journey for ourselves and our bloodlines to come.
Joining in the Goddess Gathering community will help you reconnect with that magick that already lies within you with weekly live teachings/rituals. Reawakening it to it's fullest potential while being surrounded by a sisterhood of women whose fire burns brighter each and every day.

Enjoy These Benefits

  • Build beautiful & powerful connections, friendships, and networking in the Goddess Gathering.

  • You will learn Ancient Magick, Rituals, & Techniques.

  • Spiritual Guided Meditations to enhance your psychic gifts, heighten your vibrations, & bring clarity to your journey.

  • Weekly Teachings, Chats, & Shares of magick, expansion, & wisdom.

  • Seasonal Rituals, Moon Rituals, & Holiday Rituals to bring magick into your home space.

  • Monthly Series - Past Life Regression to dive into the many layers of self discovery, healing, and growth.

  • Monthly Series - Herbal Tinctures & Medicines for a healthy lifestyle, mind, & spirit.

  • 2 Monthly Guest Hosts. Each month enjoy the wisdom of two (2) unique women sharing their stories, business, and magick!

  • Monthly New Moon & Full Moon Yoga Classes with Certified Yoga Instructor.

  • Weekly Live Psychic & Tarot Readings with Removing the Veil llc.

  • Learn and connect with Goddesses from cultures around the world.

Herbs and Plants

Herbal Series

Emma Elizabeth grew up homeschooled in the deep mountains of Northern Vermont where plant medicine and folklore played a major role in her life.

She remembers speaking to the plants and listening to their stories of how they can heal our bodies, enrich our minds, and connect us to the spirit worlds.

Ancient herbal medicine and folklore were passed down to her from her mother, through her grandmother, and so on, and is now something she shares with her own child and the world around her.

In 2017 Emma Elizabeth took that ancestral knowledge and expanded on it by becoming an Herbalist at the American College of Healthcare Science.

Now you can join Emma Elizabeth each month in the Goddess Gathering as we dive into the new monthly Series | Herbal Medicines & Tinctures.

Together we will create healthy families, opened minds, and a flowing connection to the spirit world.

Past Life Series

Have you ever wondered if you've had a past life and who you might have been? Many people are curious about the discovery of their past lives but few actually understand the importance of connecting on those lives.

When we discover who we were in a past life, it helps to guide us into who we are meant to be in this life.

See which events shaped you into the version of YOU today. What things you can break away from, what things you can learn and grow from, and what things you can remember to avoid repeating.

In this monthly Series | Past Life Regression we will explore a different aspect of your past lives and learn how to apply the knowledge that we discover to your life today. 

When we heal from our past lives, we are breaking decades of ancestral trauma and stop it from continuing down our bloodlines and into future lifetimes.

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Misty Forest

Spirits & Realms

Is the spirit world really something to fear?

Have you been conditioned from a young age to not be able to see?

From a young age, Emma Elizabeth has been able to see into the spirit world, make connections, and even relationships with beings of other realms.

You will learn to let go of the fear that is placed on spirit communication, and discover how power it can be to connect to the universal wisdom that the spirits of your ancestors or the spirits around you, have to share.

Learn the gift of "Sight" and begin a deeper spiritual journey with the assistance of the spirit world.

Also join us for Haunted Autumn during the months of Sept and Oct 2022 for 2 packed months filled with big name paranormal guest hosts, real life ghost stories, online live ghost hunts, spirit communication, and so much more!


More info to come.

2 Monthly Guest  Hosts

Powerful women around the world have come together with their successful businesses, enchanting stories, and healing journeys to bring you potent information, healing, and enhancement for your life, family, and business.

Each month you'll get the experience of enjoying 2 female guest hosts from around the world.

Women coming together empowering other women!

Some topics you can look forward to are (but not limited to):

  • Live psychic readings

  • Business coaching experiences

  • Sensuality and the power of femininity

  • Mayan magic and lore

  • Drum circles

  • Witchcraft 101

  • And so much more!

Happy Girl
Yoga Teacher

Full & New Moon Yoga

Join our very own Goddess & Certified Yoga Instructor, as she leads your body and mind through a powerful and enlightening yoga classes twice a month on every Full Moon and New Moon.

Bring awareness, strength, flexibility, and movement into your Goddess temple.

Pull out your yoga mat, set the mood, and relax into the expansion of mind and body through ancient practices and a heart warming instructor.

60 Minute online yoga classes every full moon and new moon of the month in Goddess Gathering.

Live Tarot Readings

Join our own beautiful psychic and tarot reader, Briana for weekly live readings in the Goddess Gathering group!

Briana has felt called to help people for nearly a decade and now specialize in a powerful range of psychic and tarot reading topics! 

  • Fertility Readings

  • Relationship Readings

  • Future Psychic Readings

  • Inner Child Readings

  • Trauma Healing

  • And so much more!

Now you can experience the accuracy of these divine connections during her weekly readings. 

Wanting to book a private session?

Reach out to Removing the Veil LLC

Follow Briana on FB at Removing the Veil LLC

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