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York's Golden Fleece Ghost Hunt

England's Most Haunted Pub - 9th October 2024


One of England's most haunted pubs, The Golden Fleece Pub & Inn,

in York England has been waiting for your visit.

Join our paranormal investigator and psychic Emma, who has been leading ghost hunts for over 2 decades, and Chris our fearless firewalking ghost magnet for a frightful night of fun.

York's Most Haunted Pub & Inn

The Golden Fleece Pub in York, dating back to 1503, is famed for its paranormal activity, hosting at least 15 spirits. Notable ghosts include Lady Alice Peckett, who roams the hallways, One-Eyed Jack, a 17th-century figure seen in the bar, and a Canadian airman who died during World War II. Other apparitions include a grumpy old man, a Victorian boy, and even a ghostly cat, making the Golden Fleece a popular spot for those intrigued by the supernatural​.


Ghostly History

York is renowned for its haunted history, and it's fitting that one of its oldest pubs, established in 1503, has its own share of ghosts. The Golden Fleece, known as one of York's most haunted pubs, is said to host around fifteen spectres. The most famous of these is Lady Alice Peckett, the wife of John Peckett, a former mayor of York and the pub's owner. Many guests have reported seeing her wandering the hallways, moving furniture, and walking up and down the stairs late at night.

Another resident ghost is a Canadian airman who tragically fell to his death from an upper window during World War II. After his death, he became a permanent, albeit spectral, guest of the hotel.

Other apparitions include One Eyed Jack, a man dressed in a 16th-17th century red coat seen in the bottom bar, often carrying a pistol. He is joined by a grumpy old man and a young Victorian boy who was trampled by horses and is often seen in the top bar. Additionally, Roman soldiers have been spotted in the cellar, once used to store the bodies of dead criminals.

For those seeking paranormal encounters, the Golden Fleece is a prime location, even featured on the "Most Haunted" television show in 2005.

While the complete history of the Golden Fleece is not well-documented, it has been mentioned in York Archives since 1503. The building itself is a charmingly misshapen structure with four bedrooms, two bars, and a function room. Overlooking the medieval shops of The Shambles, its crooked floors, ceilings, and doorways reflect its ancient origins and lack of modern building regulations.

One notable room, the St. Catherine's room, had a bathroom that disappeared from building plans for over 200 years, only to be rediscovered in 2000. Lady Peckett's room features a preserved ceiling rose, The Shambles room offers views of the medieval street, and the Minster Suite provides stunning views of the Minster towers.

This traditional pub/hotel offers a unique stay for those wanting to experience the essence of York. Each of the four en-suite rooms is distinct. The Shambles room features a king-size four-poster bed and overlooks the medieval street. The St. Catherine's room is a twin/triple with a hidden en-suite bathroom. Lady Peckett's room is a cozy double with a preserved ceiling rose, and the Minster Suite includes a king-size four-poster bed and a private lounge area.

Breakfast is included with the room and is served from 9:00 am, offering traditional English, continental, or vegetarian options. For lunch and dinner, the Golden Fleece provides a variety of dishes including soups, pâté, nachos, burgers, baguettes, and the iconic giant Yorkshire pudding with various toppings.

The hotel also has a function room with its own private bar, suitable for meetings, banquets, and private events. The two hotel bars offer a wide selection of liquors, local beers, ales, spirits, mixers, cocktails, and an extensive wine menu.

With its warm, cozy ambiance, delightful food and drink options, and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, the Golden Fleece is the perfect place to explore the historic city of York.


Ready for a spooky night?


York's Most Haunted Pub - Golden Fleece - Ghost Hunt
York's Most Haunted Pub - Golden Fleece - Ghost Hunt
09 Oct 2024, 18:00
The Golden Fleece
Image by Robert Nelson

Meet Your Ghost Guides

Chris Holmes
Fire Walking Guide & Host

Navigating through fire and ice, Chris embodies a journey steeped in profound transformation for both mind and body. As a beacon of resilience and strength, he empowers you to transcend the boundaries of mind over body, igniting a profound healing process that propels your journey forward with unstoppable momentum. Embark on this transformative odyssey alongside Chris, where limits are shattered, and the path to healing becomes an expedition of unparalleled growth and empowerment.

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Emma's journey dances through the fabric of time and space, a melody that has sung to her since childhood. With an intuitive communion with realms unseen and a natural adeptness in meditative artistry, she beckons you to rediscover the enchantment of your own timeless voyage. Through her gentle guidance, Emma illuminates the hidden pathways to your spirit guides, offering profound healing for your soul's journey and an intimate (re)connection to your spiritual gifts & guides.

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