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Wild Transformation in just 21 Days

Are you ready to elevate your life, harness your inner power, and unlock the highest version of yourself?
If you're seeking positive changes, increased energy, and a renewed sense of purpose, the "Raise Your Vibe" Challenge is your ticket to transformation.
Embark on this empowering journey and discover a new and improved you in just 21 days!

Challenge begins 1 September 2023

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What is the Raise Your Vibe

The "Raise Your Vibe" Challenge is a 21-day transformative online program designed to uplift your spirit, improve your mindset, and elevate your overall well-being.


This carefully crafted journey combines ancient wisdom, modern practices, and proven techniques to help you break free from limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and emotional blocks that may be holding you back from living your best life.

With accountability, your success rises over 80%...!

How does it work?

  1. Daily Inspirational Content: Each day, you'll receive exclusive access to inspiring content, delivered right to your inbox. Our expert guides will share practical tools, motivational messages, and transformative exercises to keep you focused and motivated throughout the challenge.

  2. Holistic Practices: "Raise Your Vibe" integrates various holistic practices, including mindfulness meditation, breathwork, gratitude journaling, yoga flows, and more. These practices will help you align your mind, body, and soul, creating a harmonious balance within.

  3. Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals on this uplifting journey. Engage in discussions, share your experiences, and support one another as you progress through the challenge. The collective energy of the community will amplify the positive changes you experience.

  4. Personal Growth Tracking: Keep track of your progress with our convenient tracking tools. Witness your growth day by day, celebrate your achievements, and stay committed to your personal development.

  5. Accountability and Encouragement: Our team of experts and your fellow participants will be there every step of the way, providing support, encouragement, and accountability to help you stay on track.

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What Can You Expect from the Challenge?

By participating in the "Raise Your Vibe" Challenge, you can look forward to experiencing:

Increased Positivity: Learn to cultivate positive thoughts and emotions, creating a magnetic energy that attracts abundance and joy into your life.

Heightened Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your desires, and your purpose, leading to enhanced clarity and direction.

Stress Reduction: Discover effective coping mechanisms to manage stress and anxiety, promoting a calmer and more peaceful state of mind.

Heightened Intuition: Tap into your inner wisdom and intuition, making decisions that align with your true self and lead to personal growth.

Renewed Energy: Let go of stagnant energy and embrace a newfound vitality that fuels your enthusiasm for life.


Improved Relationships: Cultivate more meaningful and harmonious relationships as you radiate positivity and empathy.

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During this life altering journey, you will gain unlimited access to:

Wednesdays @ 5:30pm - Intuitive Guidance through Tarot Readings with Briana

Fridays @ 7:00pm - Mystical Alchemy with Emma

*Botanical Witchery - Herbal Medicine & Folklore Series
*Past Life Regression & Ancestral Awakening Series

*Spiritually Enhancing Meditations & Chakra Activations

*Superhuman Development Series

Tuesdays @ 7:00pm (Bi weekly) - Mind Body Yoga Classes with Chelsea

Monthly @ 7:00pm - Pagan Roots, Rituals, and Stories with Chris

All times are listed in UK & Ireland Timezones


Try it FREE for 7 Days

All workshops & classes will be hosted on Zoom in our private online group.

Recordings available for those who can’t attend the lives

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"Working with Emma Elizabeth has been incredibly powerful. All of the sessions I've done have left me with something significant to take away. I recently did an abundance workshop and started using a tool 10 days ago and have already begun to see some massive financial wins!
I can't recommend her highly enough."

Chris, UK

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"This month was very illuminating.

Emma gives you insights to go deep and tools to move you forward.

More effective than years of therapy."

Julia, US

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"If Hogwarts had an online magick school program, this would be it!"

Lucy, UK

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Emma Elizabeth has helped thousands of people around the world with in person and online sessions, classes, and rituals. She leads weekly teachings in the Academy of Magic online group and offers transformational one on one Illumination packages to help you bring magick, empowerment, and success into lives around the world.

She grew up homeschooled in the deep mountains of Northern Vermont where plant medicine and folklore played a major role in her life.​

Emma remembers speaking to the plants and listening to their stories of how they can heal our bodies, enrich our minds, and connect us to the spirit worlds.​

Ancient herbal medicine and folklore were passed down to her from her mother, through her grandmother, and so on, and is now something she shares with her own child and the world around her.

Emma Elizabeth comes from many generations of psychic and intuitive women and has a unique gift of connecting to past lives for deep generational healing.

She has spent a lifetime dancing between the spirit worlds, growing up in herbal magick and folklore, and studying a wide range of knowledge from teachers and shamans around the world.


Emma's trainings include: Herbal Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Counseling, Reiki I, II, & III, Massage Therapy, Holistic Healing, Nutrition, Shamanic Practice, EFT Tapping, Life Coaching, and more.

Briana, leaning back in a chair with crossed legs looking at the camera easefully. Wearing an orange dress and has blue tips in her hair.


Your Tarot Reader

Every Tuesday join Briana with live interactive tarot readings. Ask your questions and get intuitive and accurate live answers.

More at Akashic Source Coaching

Chelsea mid laugh sitting on a dock, wearing a navy blue shirt and glasses, hair in a bun.


Your Yoga Instructor

Flow into a sacred space with yoga classes every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Join our certified yoga instructor Chelsea, for live classes.

More at Sure Foot Yoga

Chris looking at the camera with his sunglasses on his head. He is beside his big, black dog.


Your Firewalking Pagan

Join Chris every month for live workshops, storytelling, rituals, ceremonies, and more as he helps you tap into ancient practices that will powerfully enhance your life today.

More at Fruition Osteopathy

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