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Journey into Your Story

Transformational Past Life Guided Meditation Experience
Online Sessions

Guided Past Life Regression 
Online Group Sessions

60 Minute Sessions

Limited spaces per session

Embark on a captivating odyssey through time and memory with our Guided Past Life Regression Meditation, a transformative 60-minute online group experience held over Zoom. If you've ever wondered about the echoes of your existence across lifetimes or sought to explore the tapestry of your soul's history, this immersive meditation is your key to unlocking those hidden chambers of the past.

During this enchanting session, you will be gently guided by a seasoned meditation facilitator through the veils of time to uncover the whispers of your past lives. In the comfort of your own space, you'll close your eyes and embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of the present, allowing you to tap into the wellspring of your soul's unique narrative.

Prepare for your Past Life Regression

  • Please arrive a few minuets early to the Zoom session to get settled in your space before the session begins.

  • STRICKLY NO RECORDING DEVICES: These spaces are sacred to all participants, please respect their privacy and sacred space within these group sessions.

  • Get in a comfortable position, laying down or sitting reclined. Add a small amount of discomfort, so you do not fall asleep (ex. sit cross legged or with your hands on your thighs).

  • Set up your space in a way that will help you to feel relaxed. Turn off all notifications and make sure you will not be interrupted by family, friends, or pets.

  • No alcohol or other substances before or during the session.

  • Come with an open heart and open mind.


Past Life Regression 
Frequent Questions & Answers

Does everyone have past lives?

Yes! It is my belief and experience that everyone has countless past life experiences.

No matter if you are a seasoned time traveler or new to exploration of time and space, you will find a lifetime to discover.

What if I'm not good at meditating?

That is where I come in to help guide you into an easily relaxed state of mind and body using a mixture of guided meditation and hypnotherapy. Adding many visual descriptions, I give your mind something to focus on at all times, enhancing your experience and allowing you to reach a meditative state with ease.

I'm scared. What if I experience something I don't want to remember?

The beauty of this Past Life Regression journey is that you only go as far as you feel comfortable. In no part of the session, will I guide you into something that would not benefit you to be aware of or be too much for you to handle. On top of this, you are guided to explore your past lives as close or as far away as you wish. This helps to put up a protective barrier and separation for a safe and peaceful experience.

Why should I (re)discover my past lives?

Discovering your past lives can provide profound insights into the origins of current behaviors, talents, and relationships, fostering self-awareness and personal growth. It's an opportunity to uncover patterns, heal unresolved issues, and gain a broader perspective on your soul's journey, leading to a more empowered and enriched present life.

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