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Step into your true calling through the discovery, healing, and awakening of your ancient embodiment.

I am beyond excited to have you here and joining this new journey of awakened souls from around the world.
My dream for this online group is to create a safe, magickal, gathering of like minded souls who can support each other's journeys, enhance magick & ritual in each other's daily lives, and be a community of ancestral awakening and ancient empowerment.

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Reclaiming Ancient Magick

The mist whispers to you, the hills and mountains call your name, and the waters ripple through the time and space of your many lifetimes.

You have heard these beaconing's...the Ancients whispering you back into the sacred magick and power of your ancestors and the ancestors of the lands your feet tread on.

We are living in a time of great Awakening but the calling you feel is deeper than the New Age is the Old Ways that call to you.

Magick that the Earth itself speaks but has been long forgotten.

It is time to step into that calling and Reclaim the Ancient Magick of the Ancestors and the Earth.

Rediscover your powerfully intuitive gifts, reclaim ancient wisdom, and heal the generational lineages before and after you.


Remember Your Magick
Remember You're Magick

You are a spirit having a human experience. When you remember this truth...and I mean really remember it, you reawaken multi-dimensional abilities that can no longer be crippled by our human bodies.

Magick, is your natural birth right and flows within and around you at all times...even if you don't know it.

When we step into the Ancestral Awakening, we are claiming our birth rights of power!

Stop playing your life small and start living in Divine abundance of mind, body, and spirit.

It's time for you to remember who you are and to remember your Ancestral lineages of Ancient magick.

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Try it FREE for 7 Days

Multiple live online streaming every week

Recordings available for those who can’t attend the lives

What People Are Saying


Laura, Mexico

"The Ancestral Awakening is filled with so much magick!

I have been in awe of the amazing things that have been included each month and how attentive and interactive Emma Elizabeth is. You can really tell that she loves what she teaches and truly wants to help empower the lives of the people in the group as well. I have taken away so much already and am so thankful for the experience. I look forward to the gatherings each week and have also enjoyed sharing my own experiences as a guest host in the group"! 


Chris, UK

Working with Emma Elizabeth has been incredibly powerful. All of the sessions I've done have left me with something significant to take away. I recently did an abundance workshop and started using a tool 10 days ago and have already begun to see some massive financial wins! I can't recommend her highly enough 🔥


Carrie, USA

"Emma Elizabeth is wonderful full of amazing talents! I would recommend her weekly Ancestral Awakening we learn and do so much as well as a reading I had a past life reading and it so lined up and was amazing! If wondering if you should join or get a reading do it"!!!!!!

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Faye, UK

"Emma's Ancestral Awakening is amazing! Such a mine of information, workshops support for ritual, herbalism, natural remedies and more. Sarah is so knowledgeable and everyone in Ancestral Awakening so friendly and welcoming. I'm so glad to have joined! Totally recommend"!!


Readings, Classes, & Workshops

Herbs and Plants
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Herbal Lore & Remedies


Monthly Series | Herbal Medicines & Tinctures.

Learn how to make Herbal Medicine to keep a happy and healthy family safe and strong.

Brew Spells & Tinctures for your magickal craft, rituals, and ceremony. 

Get lost in the enchanting History & Lore of your favorite plants.

Create family-friendly Holiday & Seasonal Crafts for gifts and/or home.

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Ancestral & Past Life Healing


Monthly Series | Ancestral & Past Life Healing  we will explore a different aspect of your past lives and learn how to apply the knowledge that we discover to your life today. 


When we discover who we were in a past life, it helps to guide us into who we are meant to be in this life.

See which events shaped you into the version of YOU today. 

When we heal from our past lives, we are breaking decades of ancestral trauma and stop it from continuing down our bloodlines and into future lifetimes.

Tarot Card Deck
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Weekly Live Tarot Readings


Join our own beautiful psychic and tarot reader, Briana for

Weekly Live Tarot Readings!

Briana has felt called to help people for nearly a decade and now specialize in a powerful range of psychic and tarot reading topics! 

Fertility Readings

Relationship Readings

Future Psychic Readings

Inner Child Readings

Trauma Healing

And so much more!

Yoga in the Garden
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Intuitive Yoga


Join our very own Goddess & Certified Yoga Instructor, as she leads your body and mind through a powerful and enlightening twice a month for Intuitive Yoga Classes.

Bring awareness, strength, flexibility, and movement into your temple.

Pull out your yoga mat, set the mood, and relax into the expansion of mind and body through ancient practices and a heart warming instructor.

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Kitchen Witchery


Create magick in your home with recipes that connect you and your family back to the earth.

Enjoy folklore recipes, old wives tales recipes, ancestral recipes, and so much more.
Learn how to create magick in the kitchen and what "made with love" really means.

Image by Simon Wilkes
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Ancient Practices


From the Celtic Ogham and Norse Seidr, to Mayan Shapeshifting and Native American Shamanism...we set our roots and remember the ancient magick of practices from around the world.

Reclaim your Ancient wisdom and magick.

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Emma Elizabeth has helped thousands of people around the world with in person and online sessions, classes, and rituals. She leads weekly teachings in the Ancestral Alchemy online group and offers transformational one on one Illumination packages to help you bring magick, empowerment, and success into lives around the world.

She grew up homeschooled in the deep mountains of Northern Vermont where plant medicine and folklore played a major role in her life.

Emma remembers speaking to the plants and listening to their stories of how they can heal our bodies, enrich our minds, and connect us to the spirit worlds.

Ancient herbal medicine and folklore were passed down to her from her mother, through her grandmother, and so on, and is now something she shares with her own child and the world around her.

Emma Elizabeth comes from many generations of psychic and intuitive women and has a unique gift of connecting to past lives for deep generational healing.

She has spent a lifetime dancing between the spirit worlds, growing up in herbal magick and folklore, and studying a wide range of knowledge from teachers and shamans around the world.


Emma Elizabeth was born and raised with the name Sarah Christine but in 2022 she was guided to change it to connect deeper with her ancestors and her soul's journey.


Emma's trainings include: Herbal Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Counseling, Reiki I, II, & III, Massage Therapy, Holistic Healing, Nutrition, Shamanic Practice, EFT Tapping, Life Coaching, and more.

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Your Tarot Reader

Every Tuesday join Briana with live interactive tarot readings. Ask your questions and get intuitive and accurate live answers.

More at Akashic Source Coaching



Your Yoga Instructor

Flow into a sacred space with yoga classes every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Join our certified yoga instructor Chelsea, for these live classes.

More at Sure Foot Yoga



Your Firewalking Pagan

Join Chris every month for live workshops, storytelling, rituals, ceremonies, and more as he helps you tap into ancient practices that will powerfully enhance your life today.

More at Fruition Osteopathy

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